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  • Greensborough VIC 3088
  • Extensive Knowledge Base
    Extensive Knowledge Base

    Researchers who keep up to date with market and social research industry knowledge (QPMR for key personnel). Over 20 years’ experience providing research support to a range of clients from very small to very large organisations in sectors such as public transport, weather services, energy, education, employment, environment, waste management, health and wellbeing, automotive.

  • Focus on Quality
    Focus on Quality

    Accredited to the international ISO standard for market, social and opinion research (AS ISO 20252). All consultants are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and abide by the code of ethics and research standards endorsed by the Society. Market Solutions is a member of the Association of Market Research Organisations (AMSRO)

  • Moderate Prices
    Moderate Prices

    Our pricing model has always placed us about mid field for most research projects and we are open to fair negotiation on price.

  • Partnership

    Getting to know our clients and their organisational environment is very important to developing lasting relationships and true partnership arrangements.

  • Our Value Promise
    Our Value Promise

    Delivering on promises is at the heart of all we do at Market Solutions.

  • Professional

    Underpinning all of our work and interactions we are focused on thinking and acting: ethically, honestly, courageously, sensitively, respectfully, confidentially and competently.

  • Flexibility

    Required when working closely with clients to deliver the best possible research program which often means being ready to modify, edit or even change course as the project evolves.

  • Sense of Humour
    Sense of Humour

    Whilst all of our work is based on professionalism, we are quite informal in our interactions and like to have a laugh along the way!

  • Client Services
    Client Services

    Attentive, responsive, open and honest – what you see is what you get! Your project is in the safe hands or experienced project managers who will make sure you are kept informed. We embrace the latest in technology so that we are accessible no matter where our research takes us.