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The Local Government Research Group is currently conducting an Australia-wide survey on behalf of State transport authorities, to help them understand how Australians move around in their local areas.

Social and Market Research helps governments identify areas of public interest, to help distribute funding and resources to match the needs of the community. 

Distribution of public funds are determined by understanding what our communities want and need for roads, paths and healthy lifestyles.

Did we call you?

You may have received a call or a text from one of our interviewers, and usually there is a second call to try reach you. If you prefer, you can leave a message at 03-93728400 or we will notice a missed call and one of our interviewers will contact you within 24 hours, usually sooner.

If you have heard about our study and was not called directly by one of our interviewers; we are not able to proceed as this is not an opt-in study unless your number matches one of the number in our randomly generated list of numbers.

To maximise the chance of our interviewers successfully calling you, you can assist by supplying a 'window of opportunity' to call: giving us the best day and times to get in contact.

To check whether it is one of our interviewers that has called you, you can look under 'did we call you' to verify that the phone call comes from a legitimate researcher, involved in this government funded project.