At Market Solutions we really do love our work!

For the past 25 years we have been getting excited about research projects that have covered an eclectic range of topics from employment services to public transport. Working side by side with our clients we approach our work with a quality focus, professionalism and flexibility.

Local Transportation Study

The Local Government Research Group is currently conducting the Local Transport Study (LTS) on behalf of local councils throughout Australia.

The (LTS) study aims to determine how local priorities have changed for planning, transport and infrastructure purposes to identify opportunities to adapt to the new post-COVID normal.

The data collection for The Local Government Version of this study will continue until the 10th July 2022.

The information collected in this study will be used to support grant applications and policy development for footpaths and cycling infrastructures; and enable benchmarking of active transport in your local area against state and national average.

The local Government Research groups conducts the transport project annually each year, one that runs from February to July, and a second from September to November.

Social and Market Research helps governments identify areas of public interest, to help distribute funding and resources to match the needs of the community.

Distribution of public funds are determined by understanding what our communities want and need for roads, paths and healthy lifestyles.

The Social Research Group (SRG), a division of Market Solutions, is conducting interviewers about the Farmer Business Resilience Program. We have been contracted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries to undertake a first year evaluation of the program’s performance including its impact on the farmers who participated and their wider community.

Participants in the business coaching program will be contacted by our interviewers because they took part in the business coaching program.

The purpose of the interviews is to gather feedback about the coaching program; participation is voluntary.

The information participants provide will be analysed with interviews from other coaching participants for the evaluation report. Participants’ comments and some quotes may be presented in the report. While participants will not be identified by name, people may still be able to identify you by your role keeping in mind and participants have a choice to ensure comments are not associated with them or if they would like any comments to be off the record.

NSW Department of Primary Industries

Local Government Walking & Cycling Participation Survey

Local Councils across Australia are invited to join the syndicated Local Government Walking & Cycling Participation Survey (LGWCPS), a survey measuring walking & cycling participation within each municipality.

The LGWCPS is in its 12th year and has been conducted every year since 2011. The survey is offered annually to Local Government Area councils in Australia.

The LGWCPS allows your municipality to compare to State and National data that is collected in the National version of this study; the NWCPS.

Register your interest

Council interest in participating in the 2022 LGWCPS is currently being sought. Please email us at or call us on (03) 9372 8400 and leave a message.

If your Council has already decided to participate and is happy to begin the formal registration process, please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM HERE.

The Social Research Group, a division of Market Solutions, is currently undertaking short surveys to evaluate the community engagement process surrounding the Wallalong Levee from initial works in 2015-16 to the present, on behalf of the Department of Industry, Planning, and Environment (DPIE).

This survey is intended to gather insight into how community members were engaged in this process, how appropriate and effective the process was, and any suggestions for how similar processes could be meaningfully undertaken in future. This survey is voluntary, and all responses are confidential.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, the DPIE have engaged Market Solutions to undertake a survey of Hunter Valley landholders and residents, as part of a broader evaluation of the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme.

Residents may be called at random by Market Solutions between November 11th and 30th 2021. The survey will gather insights into how local community members perceive flood risks and how they engage with the program of management and maintenance of the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes and the insights provided through the survey will help the community manage future floods.

Did We Call You?

Market solutions consists of 2 divisions: The Local Government Research Group and Social Research Group.  We are calling you on behalf of local councils, government, other independent researchers or organisations that we work with.

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Our Services

Quantitative Research

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  • Phone: (Onsite CATI stations)
  • Intercept
  • Self-completion paper / online
  • Observational audits
  • Mystery shopping

Qualitative Research

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  • Focus group discussions
  • Forums (30+ participants)
  • In-depth executive interviewing
  • Online discussion boards
  • Online focus groups

Analysis & Reporting

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  • Consultative approach
  • Attention to detail
  • Sensible recommendations
  • Workshop presentations

Are You Receiving Unwanted Calls?

We have received numerous complaints about a company claiming to be Market Solutions making unsolicited calls about financial products. This is NOT our company. It has been reported to us that an Australian mobile number is being used (most likely 0458 070 213, 0458 070 001 or similar) to make sales calls but it appears that the call is actually coming from an international company. We have reported it to ACMA who has been unable to identify the source. The only advice we can give for this instance is to block the number after you have received the call. In general, if you do not wish to receive calls originating with Australian companies, follow the instructions on the DO NOT CALL register.

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